AT Month

It’s National Athletic Training Month, a time to celebrate the work that so many do in so many diverse practice settings.  One new recognition is the way we identify ourselves, for example AT in the secondary school setting.  Hopefully it will help us all and better solidify the name Athletic Trainer, a name we have often struggled with. Personally, I’m happy with the term Athletic Trainer so let’s move on.

The significance of the NFL finally agreeing there is a link between football and the degenerative brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) will bring change.  The challenge is to make the sport of football (and others too) safer as well as change the culture of the sport without diminishing it’s benefits.

Recently, I attended the SEATA annual meeting and one of the highlights of many is the relationships we share and multiple learning opportunities.  It was also my last as an elected officer and yes it was a little emotional.  My time of service in this fashion was most meaningful and certainly will find opportunities to contribute in some fashion in the future.  It’s a privilege to serve in any manner in our profession and if we want to be a part of the change we need to participate.  Become engaged in your profession and you will be the beneficiary.

Looking forward to the 6th annual First Coast Sports Injury Symposium and Concussion Update. for program and registration.  Hope to see you there.

Keep them safe.

Published on March 20, 2016