For Immediate Release

Former University of Florida Gator Athletic Trainer Jim Mackie has just released a new book, entitled “Just Another Smelly Foot”… The History of Athletic Training and Gatorade at the University of Florida.

Jim Mackie served both as a student and staff athletic trainer with the Gators from 1972 through 1988 working with numerous sports, staff, students and athletes.

This book features a historical journey of staff and students along with stories of interest revealing some of the inner workings of Athletic Training, Sports Medicine, and Gatorade at UF.  Featured are two chapters from Dr. Robert Cade’s personal memoirs related to the invention of Gatorade, a sports drink that created fuel for sport, which revolutionized hydration, performance and a billion dollar industry. A majority of the proceeds from sales will support former UF athletes with medical financial issues and athletic trainer education.

Jim is available for media interviews, podcasts, and personal appearances.  Order online at $15.00

For further information please contact Jim Mackie 904-477-9291 or

What Readers are Saying

“If you’re a guy, a UF fan, and Gatorade is your drink…this book is for you. BUT…good news…Just Another Smelly Foot is a wonderful read for everyone…even a female Univ of Tenn fan who doesn’t often drink Gatorade!! Jim chronicles an interesting history of both athletic training and how Gatorade was developed. It’s humorous at times and unbelievable at others… (like the era of believing athletes didn’t need hydration even on 90 degree days!) So many revelant facts in a reader friendly format. Congratulations, Jim Mackie!!!”

Terri from TN

“Such an amazing account of UF history, players and staff, and I learned so much about the invention of Gatorade that I’m sure not many people know. Jim’s humor comes through and makes it interesting and enjoyable. You won’t regret your purchase! Enjoy!”

Kindle Customer

“See what life is like for those unsung heroes of Florida athletics. Great story of the men and women who keep all those Gators and Lady Gators on the playing fields and courts. Well researched history of The University of Florida’s Trainers, Equipment Managers, Student Trainers and Student Equipment Managers. Kudos to all the men and women who have served the Gators in these positions and to Mr. Mackie for bringing it to life.”

Fred S. Odessa, TX

This is a great read for anyone interested in the science behind Gator athletics. Beyond just natural talent, these elite Gator athletes have a team of coaches and trainers that help them carve their efforts into great performances on the field. This book gives you a peak inside their world.


“Yes, I really enjoyed the book! It brought back a lot of memories as I was a walk on Gator. Remembered a lot of the trainers, managers etc. A good read!”

A GA. Gator

“Sentimental journey down the history of UF football and the training program”