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Just Released!

Former University of Florida Gator Athletic Trainer Jim Mackie has just released a new book, entitled “Just Another Smelly Foot”… The History of Athletic Training and Gatorade at the University of Florida.  

This book features a historical journey of staff and students along with stories of interest revealing some of the inner workings of Athletic Training, Sports Medicine, and Gatorade at UF.  Featured are two chapters from Dr. Robert Cade’s personal memoirs related to the invention of Gatorade, a sports drink that created fuel for sport, which revolutionized hydration, performance and a billion dollar industry. A majority of the proceeds from sales will support former UF athletes with medical financial issues and athletic trainer education.

“I thoroughly enjoyed your book beginning with the title.  I had no idea so much work went into keeping the players healthy and in to taking them on the road.  I know my mother will love your book as well.”  

Martha Cade, Alachua, FL (Daughter of Robert Cade, Gatorade Inventor)

If you’re a guy, a UF fan, and Gatorade is your drink…this book is for you. BUT…good news…Just Another Smelly Foot is a wonderful read for everyone…even a female Univ of Tenn fan who doesn’t often drink Gatorade!! Jim chronicles an interesting history of both athletic training and how Gatorade was developed. It’s humorous at times and unbelievable at others…(like the era of believing athletes didn’t need hydration even on 90 degree days!) So many revelant facts in a reader friendly format

Terri from TN

Jim Mackie

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