Your ACL and Graft tissue

Recently, I was able to participate in the annual JSMP Symposium & Concussion Update entitled “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes,” a comprehensive overview of a number of conditions.  Some interesting takeaways included, Jacksonville Jaguar Head Team Physician Dr. Kevin Kaplan  discussing ACL repairs that those patients under age 25 face a 25% failure rate when using a allograft (cadaver tissue). Those older than age 25 do best with a allograft if they are in low demand activities.  One’s patella tendon graft (autograft) is the best for a repair for those under age 25, followed by the Quadriceps tendon, Hamstring tendon or other graft selection.  A caution as well, although patients may feel great at about 2 months post op the graft is at its weakest and really takes up to 10 – 18 months to return to full vascularization and strength.  Return to play is best determined by a variety of functional tests as well as strength measurements.  Stay healthy!

Published on April 9, 2016