What began just three years ago… just living the dream June 16, 2013 Jim Mackie, M.Ed., ATC, LAT

Remerbering back this time three years ago following a downsizing at a long term employment site. Not surprised necessarily as this was the second time this occurred and this time it was again an economic decision. The good news is that it challenged and allowed me to re-focus and determine the direction I preferred the future to go. It was a time to evaluate and re-invent myself so to speak. Certainly it was a faith issue and a matter for God to lead my steps yet ultimately I must step out in faith and trust that it’s for the best. Well it was and I am grateful for the experience and opportunities of the past few years. Hard work & loyalty are reaping benefits. I am very grateful for those who have helped me along this journey through business opportunities, advice, direction & wisdom or just being a friend. My wife is certainly at the top of the list for her trust and encouragement. As for the future, it looks brighter even though there has been change along the way. We adapt, pray, keep the faith and pursue the opportunities, hopefully proactively and wisely.

A close friend just launched his new company with a gala and a website this week. He takes a chance yet does it with zeal and a positive spirit, he will succeed. Why you ask, because he has great faith, strong relationships who he has involved to help along the way. He also has taken the time to think it out, something we all can learn from. Each of us can use our gifts and talents in special ways. New things began daily. but only as we reach out to others, believe in our worth, value & potential to make a difference. Change is good.

Published on June 17, 2013