What Are They Thinking?

What are they thinking?
Jim Mackie, M.Ed., ATC, LAT

Parents make some incredible decisions and after raising two kids and a number of grandkids I do respect the complexity at times. Growing up we had a show which featured, “kids say the darnedest things” But really, parents too sometimes say the darnedest things and do make you think, what are they thinking. On the good side I had a parent recently say to me regarding their son’s injury “we are looking to you for direction and will do whatever you think best.” Others though, can make you scratch your head, like the parent (not at any school I am directly affiliated with) whose child was removed from a football game with concussion signs & symptoms, interjects by giving them medicine and saying “oh it’s just their migraine from the past two concussions.” Another parent wanting their child to play in an upcoming game after two weeks in a cast for a broken hand, cuts off the cast and says “i’ll write a note and please let them play.” “I can’t take them to the MD due to the government shutdown & I don’t have insurance.” Well due to regulations, athletes are not allowed to play if they don’t have insurance, so if he doesn’t have insurance he can’t play. Sure that many have their parent “horror stories” but these keep us enlightened and maintaining a sense of humor. Also another reason every school needs a Certified Athletic Trainer.

Published on November 18, 2013