We all play an important role in life


It was disturbing to hear recently that a long time athletic trainer was dismissed for his role in a bullying scandal within an NFL team.  Disturbing, that it was going on in the first place and disturbing a colleague got caught up in it by not intervening for an associate.  We all are accountable for our actions and the atmosphere we tolerate or accept be it in a locker room, athletic training facility, office or wherever we have to accept responsibility.  The culture of sports is changing, be it the rules, the intensity, the language, the locker room atmosphere, gay & lesbian athletes becoming more visible in sports.  Even Sports Illustrated with their “swimsuit” or lack there of issue. Personally, I handed it to my wife upside down and asked she destroy it then & there, she did so gladly. It’s degrading to women and decent values.  All leads to a changing or evolving mindset.  How will you respond when and if any of this is right in front of you? Hopefully with love, compassion and a willingness to see people as a person and not some object.

Jim Mackie, M.Ed, ATC, LAT

Published on February 20, 2014