Thoughts on Leadership & the Penn State Scandal

I came across an article on Leadership and lessons we can learn from the Penn State scandal by Chris Bryant of Chris Bryant Presents, Inc.. Some thoughts include: ” The questions for leaders is not “will you make a difference?” The real question is “What difference will you make?” Regarding culture, its’ what leads when no one is watching. If you permit it, you promote it. Make sure the culture you create drives behavior that helps people act with integrity and execute the strategy. Build it before you need it. Develop the habit of acting in alignment with a clear and consistant value system. Deep trust takes time to build and is earned through repeated positive experience. Accountability is about two things: paying attention + taking action. Leadership is the courage to act when the situation calls for it. Champions do it differently. Greatness comes from going beyond what others are willing to do. The path of minimum requirement leads to mediocrity at best and negligence at worst. Problems do not get better if you ignore them to cover them up. The longer you allow a problem to exist, the worse it becomes and the more severe the consequences.” For more on this visit:

Published on September 20, 2012