Thoughts of Spring

The sports world is talking about Chris Borland, San Fransisco 49er’s linebacker who has retired following one year in the NFL due to his concerns about the long term effects of receptive head trauma and his future health.  With a history of concussions, both in high school or earlier and an episode in training camp he played through at the time caused him to reconsider. He sought the advice from family, as well as teammates and the medical profession.
Crumb rubber, synthetic turf and health concerns have been raised about these small specks of rubber picked up by athletes of all ages on todays synthetic fields. Critics are concerned about safety due to carcinogens and toxic chemicals (such as benzine and carbon tetrachloride) in tire manufactures which can be ingested, inhaled or absorbed through the infill. Research remains to be inconclusive and much of the early implementation was due to its cost effectiveness and safety.  The jury is still out but those little crumbs can still be annoying at times. Contributions from Jeff Roberts & The Record, Hackensack, NJ.
Spring football begins in Florida April 27th this year, an earlier start but still the same time appropriated.  The debate continues as to the value, risk of injury, player evaluation, etc..  More time should be spent on teaching, execution, technique, functional movement and less on contact. Kids & coaches both will benefit.
March is National Athletic Trainers Month: “We Prepare, You Perform”  How do you prepare? Thank your AT for helping you to perform your best.
Enjoy March Madness and congratulations to University of North Florida AT, Fred Burnett & his staff for their men’s basketball trip to the NCAA Tourney. Prepare & Perform!


Published on March 17, 2015