Take a Bath & wash your hands!

Sounds obvious but proper hygiene is essential to preventing the spread of disease and create wound infections. Simply washing the hands frequently makes a big difference. Athletes, especially adolescents don’t shower as frequently as we think, especially in high school locker room settings Fear of teasing, embarrassment, just being a teen, or not thinking about it are often used as excuses for not properly practicing good hygiene. Wearing clean clothes for each workout, changing your clothes, washing them in soap & water. Don’t share towels, clothing, razors, and anything where blood or body fluids are present. Sounds simple but this time of the year in athletics is ripe for the spread of infections. MRSA or infections can cause unnecessary time loss for an athletes participation. What looks like a infected hair follicle, bug bite, or pimple if not properly treated can lead to infection and costly medical bills. Make sure wounds are covered & properly dressed, cleaned daily and see a physician if in doubt. Never leave open wounds uncovered as all kinds of germs are looking for a place to grow & play. Germs especially like warm, dark, moist places to live, get the point? Even scabbed over wounds need a dressing because if they get opened again it destroys the healthy tissue and becomes an open wound. Take the time to get it covered, you’ll prevent long term consequences.

Published on July 31, 2012