Spring Musings

Just returned from the Alabama Athletic Trainers Assoc., always a great education opportunity as well as a time to meet and spend time with fellow athletic trainers. Engaging with other colleagues enhances our knowledge base and provides quality time with others of similar interests in keeping our athletes healthy and safe.  Congratulations are in order for Brad Montgomery for his induction into the Alabama Athletic Trainers Assn. Hall of Fame.
Volunteered recently at the State High School Track Championship and though I had a relatively safe time I was proud of my colleagues on the following day, who along with EMS responded to a coach suffering a sudden cardiac arrest.  The week following a de-briefing was held and provided all involved a very positive and professional learning experience.  Unfortunately, for the victim, it was not a successful outcome but reminds each of us to prepare and be alert to respond as life happens so quickly. I would add the benefit of having colleagues you can share your feelings and emotions with as you process any difficult situation.
As well, I along with others, mourn the passing of Don Bostic, a former UF basketball player I cared for as well as Jeff Daniels, an athletic training student with me while a Graduate Assistant while at EKU (Eastern Kentucky).  Both Don & Jeff were very positive individuals who made an impact in their own ways upon the lives of many.  Our prayers are with their family and friends.
As we begin to wrap up the spring season, congratulation to the Trinity Christian Academy Baseball team headed for the State Championship games in Ft. Myers.  Spring football games are next week for myself and many. Best wishes and keep them safe now and in the months ahead.

Yours in Good Health!

Published on May 17, 2015