Speaking & Consulting

Providing on-site consulting services for injury rehabilitation, event medical planning, prevention, Emergency Action Planning or EAP’s, adequate staffing, supplies, & equipment, policy & procedure formulation and more.

Experts with a wealth of experience and education to address your athletes, parents, coaches, and administrators education on a number of Sports Medicine and Healthcare related topics.

Skilled to provide you with the latest evidenced based research and cutting edge information available.

Consulting & Speaking Services

Topics include:

  • Injury Prevention: learn methods to prevent injury in sports, whether tha athlete or weekend warrior.
  • Injury Management, Treatment & Care: basic care for the injuries we receive on the playing field
  • Blood Borne Pathogen Guidelines: A presentation for your associates in current guidelines in handling blood borne pathogens, prevention and disposition of hazardous waste.
  • Concussions in Sports: Learn the latest methods for diagnosis, management and treatment of Concussions. Learn about preventing Second Impact Syndrome, proper management, school modifications, and safe return to play.
  • Proper equipment fitting: Making sure your athletes are properly fitted with equipment for maximum safety.
  • Emergency Action Plan: we can help you design a venue specific EAP or Emergency Action Plan. Are you, our coaches, and parents prepared for an emergency?
  • Event Medical Planning: Medical services are critical to providing a safe venue for your event. Our experts will help in preparing a safe event and how to be prepared.
  • Beginning and maintaining a safe conditioning program: Tips for beginning and designing a safe exercise that’s right for you and your athletes.
  • Functional injury rehabilitation programs: need to continue your rehab after your insurance benefits expire? Let us help design and implement a program that’ s safe and gets you back to function and is sport specific.
  • Heat Illness Prevention and Preparation: Learn how to recognize the signs symptoms of heat illness, treatment and care when heat illness is recognized is also covered.
  • Proper Hydration & Recovery: learn how to properly hydrate and meet your body needs
  • Steroids & Supplements: Learn the impact of these products, what’s safe and what’s the risk reward?