Never Quit

The final four is completed, a new college basketball champ is crowned, every team but one goes home with a loss but it’s not the end of the world, thankfully.  It’s an extreme journey as are many of life’s challenges experiences. Life is fleeting and the value of CPR & an AED is invaluable.  The Associated Press reported recently a rare case of survival, a 22-month-old Pennsylvania boy whose lifeless body was pulled from an icy creek and revived after an hour and 41 minutes of CPR, 101 minutes!!  It took a team of 50 people to revive him and he is now doing well at home.  To what extremes will you go to save life?
An encouragement witnessed this week was meeting a young man, changed by an experience during his Jacksonville Sports Medicine Program pre-season medical screening.  He checked the box “heart races during exercise” which caused a closer look, further cardiac testing and even a corrective procedure that literally saved his life.  He thanked the Dr. for saving his life, his mom for letting him participate and his coach for taking him to the screening.  It truly was a life changing event. It’s worth the time to closely scan your physicals and medical questionnaires regularly.
Take the time to learn CPR and the value of an AED, you may actually change a persons life.

Published on April 21, 2015