Emergency Responses in High School Athletics

I was recently involved in the response to a First Coast HS athlete who collapsed at half-time of a football game. This year schools in Duval County had the option of an on-site private ambulance or two JFRD Paramedics equipped with emergency equipment who would request transport as necessary. To date there have been 12 transports from the many high school football games and the system seems to be working. At the First Coast game there were present two Team Physicians provided by the Jacksonville Sports Medicine Program and the Duval County Medical Society, three Certified Athletic Trainers, one First Responder & the two JFRD Paramedics. The situation was handled professionally and the JFRD unit responded in a reasonable time. There was a good outcome and the athlete is doing well. Any situation requires post event re-evaluation as to our preparedness and how we can improve. Fortunately, this was a good outcome and for that we’re grateful. Each one of us is responsible to have a plan, practice situations and respond professionally and to the best of our training.

Published on October 31, 2012